Monday, December 24, 2007


Taare Zameen Par: One of the best movies in the recent times. Watch it, it tugs at your heart strings like nothing else. Even the most cynical, hard-hearted would be melted by this one.


Kholo kholo darwaze
Parde karo kinare
Khuntey se bandhi hai hawa
Mil ke chhudao saare


Baasi zindagi udaasi
Taazi hasney ko raazi
Garma garma saari
Abhi abhi hai utaari

Prasoon Joshi at his best!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Its been pouring skies almost all the time and i love it. When i see an overcast pregnant sky and hear the distant thunder, it brings back images from days long gone. Of ma's cooking - khichdi and garam garam pakodas. And i no longer want to sit on the swiveling chair and peer into the huge monitor... :-/

Sunday, December 16, 2007


So i have been trying to log into my Flickr account for ages and i can't because i have forgotten my password (i tried all the password permutations and combinations that i know of and can think of!) Duh! And i cant bloody retrieve my password because i don't remember the DOB info i had put in at the time of registration. Double duh! I have no idea how the password is different from ALL the passwords i use... unless i was doped when i updated my account and that is IF i updated my account AND i had NO idea that the DOB will be so damn crucial, so err... i must have put in some dummy content.... gawd, i can keep on ranting. Am sure my fault too, but i have never ever come across a more irritating system. Its supposed to make life easier, not so damn difficult! So what happens if i cant log into my account. Err... it will stay like this... like... forever? Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!

Anyways, on a brighter note, i have been able to fix the RSS feed issue it seems :-)

Now that the rant is over let me get to sweeter things. Christmas has brought a Digital SLR for me ;-) And i am super trigger-happy. Its still a long way for me since i have just about started on the technicalities and nuances of photography. I am still attached to my point and shoot. We go a long way; 4 years. It was my first expensive camera! :-) Having said that, i am loving my first DSLR! So many options and possibilities compared to a point and shoot.

I am uploading few pictures that i clicked today at my pottery teacher's home. Its a quaint house, the kind i like. Its one of those charming homes which have a warm, slightly untidy, scattered, lived-in feel to it. Brick and stone placed in the midst of shades of green. Pots and ceramics co-exist with the moss green creepers and bamboo shoots... I would love to have something like this, a warm cosy and inviting place where friends can drop in anytime for a cup of coffee... there’s a teeny weeny hitch in this green tinted dream; though i like the greens i am not really good with the greens. I have unfortunately not inherited my mother’s green thumb and so… have never been able to nurture a potted plant leave alone a garden!

Have a beautiful weekend you all :-)