Wednesday, March 21, 2007

tears in heaven

Ferry to Bintan. Indonesia.

Mujhe raat din. Sangharsh.

I have been listening to 'Mujhe raat din' since morning. And despite work, romance managed to seep in through the cracks. I love this song and find it incredibly romantic. Theres something so sexy about 'waiting', 'stolen glances', passion that seethes beneath, and the eyes... i remember the eyes most, when that someone would seek and crave for you through his eyes, because everything else is unspoken.

karoon kya mujhe tum bataati nahin ho
chupaati ho mujhse yeh tumhaari khataa hai...

What's gotten into me!

And then when the couch potato takes over after a hard days work, i come across this long forgotten song on American Idol and there you go, that feeling seeps in again.

there's a kind of hush
all over the world tonight
all over the world
you can hear the sounds of lovers in love
you know what I mean

just the two of us
and nobody else in sight
there's nobody else and I'm feeling good
just holding you tight...

And that set me thinking, yes i have been told that i think too much, a trait that i accuse my mother of yet cannot seem to shrug off myself. But let me not digress. Coming back to my train of thoughts, this was different, there was familiarity here; comfortable and cozy. Then again, does comfort kill longing? Can familiarity and want co-exist? Don't we want love and lust in equal share? But then, romance and trust go hand in hand for some and trust takes some time. And with time and trust comes comfort which is oh so beautiful... so what does one do? Hmmm...

On a different note, one more couch potato pick from the series Earl. And many i know would vouch for this one:
Quitting smoking is stressful and when i am stressed, i smoke.

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

I remember your eyes baby... the most...