Thursday, December 21, 2006

rain rain pour again!

It rained cats and dogs and rhinos and some more almost all of yesterday. Well, one of the worst ever in 75 yrs as the newspapers reported. And I loved it! Even though getting up in the morning and dragging yourself to work while its pours outside is a task in itself. It rained and thundered and rained and poured and rained and thundered on and on and on and... and of course I loved it! :p

I have always loved the rain. Especially when it rains at night while I comfortably snuggle up in my bed, look out of the window at the downpour. I feel very content for some reason then, as if the downpour washes away all the worries along with it.

Anyway, not enough time to write a longish post. Will come back later and add-in something. But before I go, the holidays will be spent in Hyderabad and Daman mostly. So hopefully will have some pictures in the new year. Which is a good thing, since I haven't been a shutter happy for sometime now.

Ciao all! Be good. :)

P.S: In case I don't come back to add anything else before the end of the year, Merry Christmas and a very very Happy New Year to all! :)