Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have been feeling a tad insipid and inspired at the same time, for some time. There is this want to do something spectacular, something that would refresh the mind, yet the mind is not fresh enough to venture into that something that eludes me. One step at a time I think, let me get things done one at a time and clear the backlogs. Tick off the tasks from the to-do-list. But I am not a to-do-list person. At times when I see some great website/design, I really wish I could do something as beautiful or spectacular or awe-inspiring. The delay in finishing up stuff is also because of my dear laptop. Its young, handsome and immensely unreliable. Serves me right for being shallow and getting swayed by good looks.

There are a few positive beginnings though, I have started reading after a long hiatus. The last book i finished reading was on vampires, good in a timepass sort of way. How historical references were tied-into the story and narration was what interested me most. Reading the book, I felt that I could easily be in a different skin, ensconced in large well stocked libraries housed in European buildings, flipping through yellowed pages. Even in this skin, I love libraries and bookshops. I don’t know why, but surrounded with so many books makes me very happy even if I don’t buy or borrow a single book. I like to look at the sea of colours and designs on the covers. Coming back to the other skin, I imagined myself roaming ancient streets, mingling with like minded dreamers who have perhaps no clue or interest in the present. It’s a bubbled and cozy life. Alas, I am too much of a realist. Which reminds me, a friend read out this astrology passage to me on Piscean traits, that stated that Pisceans are dreamers to the core, yet when you accuse them of being one (dreamer) they proclaim to be realists. And I agree, I am a realist even though people close to me disagree wholeheartedly.

There are 2 more books that i have quite ambitiously ventured into reading at the same time. I say ambitious because i have never attempted reading more than one book at a time. Usually i like to read one book, finish it and start on another. And i havent been able to finish any of the books i started reading for quite sometime. IF i could start reading one in the first place.

Speaking of imagining myself in a different skin, I have this curious habit of seeing what I hear and read. I almost always visualize everything I hear. Scenes float in front of my eyes when I hear someone narrating some incidence or when I read. The silliest and most tasteless of words are not spared and metamorphose into scenes much to my dismay. :-)

The other positive beginning has been pottery classes. The last two classes I learnt pinching and coiling. The pots looked amateurish, it was fun nevertheless! Speaking of coiling, I remember creating miniature pots and pans with coils made out of the dough Ma used for chapattis, as a kid! I cant wait to glaze and turn the wheel again!