Sunday, November 11, 2007

potters inc

I got the first set of glazed items the other day. Not quite impressed by what i saw. Not sure why, but the glazes did not turn out the way i thought they would. Am glad though that i learnt something new. The pinched pots did not turn out well, but the slab box was not all that bad, though i wish i had done the glazing better. I am not entirely sure if i like the chipped glaze effect (i dont dislike it either - looks nice from some angles). I wanted a very different glaze effect for the box and did the whole masking tape thing... but when it came to dipping it in colours, i screwed up the sequence of colours... oh well... I quite liked the ash tray though. It kind of looks cute and is already being put to use by someone i gifted it to... next in line is another slabbing class and then the wheel... yay!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

this is...

for the hairy giant
who tip-toed in gently
in cautious steps
that didn't abuse and trample
he picked up the dried leaf
wrinkled brown with frowns
wrapped it in silken moisture
cuddled it warm
smoothened the frowns
with sweeping long browns
fed it sunshine and rain
watered it in local breweries
took it to places lush and clean
turned it green

happy birthday
crazy funny sunny
gentle giant :)