Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh man... i am in love with Saawariya music, all over again.

Music hasn't made me feel so romantic and rosy-eyed, my heart go a beat faster in a looong time. Umm... i watched the movie last night... hence the sudden rush of admiration for the music. =)


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

get outta here!

It's been 4 months short of a year and there hasn't been any break from the daily rigmarole, the city life and the mundane, save for a couple of welcome visits from family. And at this moment, every pore seems to be screaming... get outta here, take a break!

And all i can do is watch the Travel and Living channel! Man... what wouldn't i do to be in those shoes that trot the world. And that's when i am forced to think of the perils of a regular job, where you cant 'take off' as and when you want to... for that matter even 'need to'; despite me being such a sucker for notions such as "stability in life and income' etc, that seem like a pile of rubbish to the fatigued mind at this moment.

I have so many places to visit and so many invites from friends to visit, that even a year falls short. V and I keep planning where all we should go next year, but at the back of my mind, i keep thinking... with our jobs and all, we might just be spending the entire year our nose to the grindstone.

However, keeping the daydreamers flag high... the places i would love to visit right now?

A road trip through Europe.
South America.
South Africa.
The North East of India.
New Zealand.

... and so many other places... sigh...

Back to work now...