Thursday, January 29, 2009

Such indignation while i read latest reports on the Bangalore pub assault on women...

You see we are Indians... and our women should not smoke or drink... its fine for men to do that though! That's being Indian for you... so while pubs are a big NO NO for the Indian youth, its not a big issue when countless women get molested and eve-teased almost every freaking day of their adult lives in a country which boasts of worshipping goddesses... so that's what is Indian culture?

And, so while western dresses are a no no for Indian women, men who think its their moral responsibility to bring the message home to those who dare to veer away from the great indian culture, do so in "shirts/ trousers/ jeans"?? thats so very indian right?!

I had an argument with someone long back on how an Indian woman should be dressed... i was told sari is the way to dress and indian women should be dressed in sari/ salwaar kameez at all times... i said, yeah sure... the moment the Indian male dresses in dhoti/ pajama/ kurta at all times, i am game to follow the 'indian culture' as well!

Some of these messages people leave on Rediff are sickening and depressing... is this really where we are headed? will the indian woman ever feel safe in her own country? so india is not the west and we should shun all things west... fine then lets just go back a thousand years and shun EVERYTHING that we have got from the west... including the technology that we boast of having mastered!

This is a hurriedly put together post... but like i said, am angry at the moment...