Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Entwined n Entangled

Entwined. Acrylic on Canvas.

Finished my first attempt at Acrylic over the weekend. Entwined like you and me? :)

Its funny how we get entangled in our lifestyles. Weekend was spent disentangling myself a bit. I never realised I had gathered such a crowd around me; Packaging, bags, papers, receipts hidden in nooks and crannies. Strange thing is I don’t like to collect too much yet I manage to do just that. Most of it were things that I could do without, and much of it went into the dustbin and down the shoot. I was shrugging off the sand from myself frantically, so the bins were full of torn pieces of bills, bank statements, receipts, vouchers and what nots. The clothes are bundled up to be given to Salvation Army. And the shoe boxes are to be thrown away. In fact I have stopped taking shoe boxes; I request them to be given in bags. And why so many plastic bags? Why can’t we just use paper bags? Why can’t that be a fashion statement? Ban plastic bags, ban shoe boxes… give everything in paper bags. Paper bags can look so cool… okay, I shall stop.

The thought of living like ma-baba with knick-knacks from eons away stacked into trunks. Trunks full of papers and files from god knows which era; it gives me the jitters.

There is much to be shrugged off still. I wouldn’t say I am on the road to Zen, but I really want to travel light…

Mika - Relax


Have a lovely week ahead.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

tu aa gaya yuun nazar mein
jaise subah dopahar mein
madhoshi yuun hi nahi dil pe chaayi
niyat ne li angdaayi
chhuaa tune kuchh iss tarah
badli fiza badla sama
o meri jaan...


I cant stop listening to this song.
Entwined... a new canvas. Acrylic on canvas. entwined like you and me... O meri jaan :)

Watched metro... will talk about it (read Irrfan Khan)more later....