Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thank you :-)

I have been "wanting" to write a post for ages now. I was all set to once or twice, but for some reason words seem to evade and avoid me. I can't write no more! *gulp*

So even though there are tons of thoughts and streams of sentences beaded together inside my head, they get lost somewhere along the way to my fingers.


I have been watching this program on the History channel for sometime, about the Universe. And my interest in the space and the other world has been rekindled. I remember being a very interested child... and that interest was lost on the way to adulthood and everything that comes along with it. Come to think of it, many such interests lose their way amongst the crowd of events that adulthood brings along with it.

Along with the questions and exclamations on things that are revealed to me about the space around us, comes many more questions and doubts about the meaning of life, evolution, divinity. Its one of those philosophical phases i guess and i would rather not venture into putting my thoughts into as many words... more so because its a chore for me to find as many words at this point. Told you they lose their way!

Amongst other things, a strange thought came to mind on the birthday; It seems that every decade in my life has brought along a flavour. The present one saw a major change in my life that was ushered in with a lot of pain and turmoil. And soon this one will also usher in another major change in my life; something exquisitely beautiful and joyous. Something very happy that a giant has brought along. :-)

Thanks for a lovely day my giant. It was a lovely birthday. Even the skies gifted me rain almost all day long, they know i love the rain. ;-)

And to all those who thought i was special enough to wish me, thank you so much! :-)