Friday, November 24, 2006


It has been a while since I have mused or thought of anything else apart from the delicious whirlwind that life has come to be. Do I want to wake up from this dream? Perhaps not, or perhaps calling this 'state' a dream would be unfair, it is as real as it gets. Right?

Often times a particular state we are in becomes the world for us. And everything else that surrounds takes on a hazy garb. You know, like when you focus while shooting photographs? The backgrounds are hazy. So certain things in life, take on center stage. And you let them, because they mean the world to you. If the state is delicious then it can take you to places you have never been before. Do I want to be taken to such places? Yes, I do, as earnestly as there can be a wish... So as I embark on this journey, I am a bit hesitant. No... wait, hesitant would be the wrong word, not hesitant anymore because the first trepid steps have already been taken. There is however, this strange alchemy of apprehension and excitement. That at times makes me take one step back and re-assess my steps only to lurch full force and run, because I don't want to miss that train. It's a brand new joyride and I don't care where it takes me, perhaps because I like the journey so much and I want it to last forever... Despite that irritating voice in my head that connives and cautions me at times and sows seeds of doubt... how can good things happen to me? Am I not given to soaking my soul in the dark, alone? So is this 'dream' an accident? Is this how it should be, exactly how it should be... And yet again, I snap at that voice and shut it up and continue on my journey that takes me through lands lush and green, basking in sunshine, drenched in rain, rainbow crowned; where fluffy clouds strut across vast blues and I can lie down and gaze at the vast black decked with sprinklings of twinkling stars...

Okay, enough already! Need to get back to work and resume the joyride ;-)

Have a lovely weekend you all!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

when all i want is you...

what if you get off at the next stop
would you just wave as I'm drifting off
if I never saw you again
could I
keep all of this

Natalie Imbruglia. Shiver.

Funny how good things at times seem too good for oneself and you keep them at bay as long as you can and then you can't anymore.

And then... you hope to hold onto them as long as you can...

yes I have to have to have to
change the rules
i'm with you

All i want is you.
U2. Me2. :p


Wednesday, November 8, 2006

and orange? :)


A glimpse of oranges and yellows on canvas. Not earthshattering, not too bad an attempt either. Hopefully this indicates a begining of something... more colours perhaps? Life mirrors canvas perhaps? For now, i am hooked onto pink ;-)

Pink. Aerosmith.

A bit of splurging on oneself feels good. Two black dresses and one pretty and all lace. Naah, not pink. Cream...

In other news, watched Don and Jaan-e-man. Hmmm... i liked Don. There, i said it. No, i am not comparing, either the two Dons (the previous one, i havent watched... duh!) or Amitabh and Shahrukh. But then there can be no comparison, there can never be another Amitabh, right? Having said that, SRK looks sinister enough. I always thought he could look sinister and kind, ruthless and compassionate. He has those eyes. Comparisons are inevitable, however to Farhan's credit, i thought he made the movie well. It is glam, and it looks good like that.... who cares about the skeptics! I love the style, the sheen, the shine, the polish. What soul are we talking about here? And I love the twist in the end, i like loose ends. Leaves enough room for more... greedy we all are, aren't we? Besides, i love the movies. So my votes on the new Don. Skeptics can go take a walk...

Hmmm... What else, lots to write coupled with lots of inertia to write is not good for the blog. Meanwhile you all have a good life... i sure have one for now, for a change. Touch wood! :)