Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The little man-boy

I took this picture a few days back. The sun was out and it was warm with a nice breeze. So i went to Tsim Tsa Tui from where one can see the the skyscrapers dotting the HK harbour. A lovely view...the sea, ships, boats, HK can spend hours just sitting, watching and observing. And i did precisely that!

As i was walking along the Millenium Walk...i saw this little boy walking behind his mother. He had just lost his balloon, and he threw the stick on which the balloon was perched in disdain, put his hands in his pocket and continued walking.

There was something about his gait, which made me take this picture...I was extremely amused to watch this little boy walk like a man. There was this 'I am a man of the world' attitude in this little boy who perhaps measured a little higher than my knee...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I am a non-believer! And thats great!

I do not believe in religion.

I do not believe in the conventional notions about 'god'.

I do not like the 'my religion is better than yours so let's convert you' attitude.

I believe religion has nothing to do with any kind of 'god'! Religion is simply a set of rules that conform to what is perceived by any particular society as the good and moral way of living. Unfortunately these rules and ideals have brought about much grief and intolerance in this world.

The concept of religion is peculiar to only humans because we can form ideas and are empowered with the gift of imagination unlike any other species on this planet.

Religion at best is something that gives one strength and hope because humans are essentially weak...they need assurance of protection from pain, from the unknown, from unhappiness. At its worst religion brings out the nastiest in us, disregards anything logical, compassionate and humane.

I do not believe in segregations set-up by the society. Black-white-yellow-brown-casts-religion. Underneath, we all are the same. Almost always. Attention seeking-fake-real-unhappy-happy-dissatisfied-amorous-saints-sinners-searching-groping-greedy-giving-puzzled-arrogant-craving for love...that's a few of the things we all are...inside. The rest is all superficial, pigeon-holes...and immaterial.

I believe in greys, not black and whites. Some dark greys, some lighter shades. But all greys.

I believe in evolution.

I believe in nature. Patterns of nature. The cosmos, the planets, the moon, the tides... perhaps even destiny.I do not believe that 'god' is a 'he'. Its perhaps a power, a pattern, an energy, god is an 'it', not a 'he'.

In a few billion years from now, the sun on its death bed will engulf this planet and our existence on it. Something that we take for granted. Our 'gods' who we pray to won't come to our rescue in all science will! :-)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

What kind of a dancer are you? - Girls only!!

Okay this is hillarious!! Good timepass...try out! :) Quite a girly thing indeed!

What kind of dancers are you? (Girls only)


You are a Belly Dancer. You are charming inside
out, your life follows an interesting rhythem,
beautiful and smooth, you know how to be the
center of attention when you want to, you love
your friends and you can trust them on your
life. Your ideal man is the one with a sweet
witty character who understands how much
freedom is important to you.

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Song for the day

Foot tapping...mast...hummable...refreshing...

Yunhi chala, chal raahi
Yunhi chala, chal raahi
Kitni haseen hai ye duniya
Phool saare jamele, dekh phoolon ke mele
Badi rangeen hai duniya
Rum tum taana na nak tum tum taana na
Rum tum taana na nak tum tum taana na
Rum tum taana na nak tum tum taana na... bhaiya

Movie: Swades (which i havent watched yet!)
Music Director: A.R.Rahman (one of my all time favorites!)

Listen to this song here:

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

I am humbled

Wading my way through the cyber world, i came across the website for 'Born into Brothels', the documentary that has won this years Academy Awards. And i must say that i am amazed...absolutely amazed and totally humbled!

It's so true that creativity exists everywhere and in the most unlikely of places! On second thoughts i should take back what i just said...there is no unlikely place for creativity!

I am ashamed that i wallow in my small mundane sorrows when there are such fine examples of the human spirit!

Do visit the site and go through the section showcasing the pictures taken by the's not worth giving a miss! And do write a few words of encouragement for the kids (email), i did...